10 Moving Tips for Your Family’s Relocation

Posted October 7, 2014 by

Moving from one location to another may be one of the most frustrating aspects of buying a new home. You’ve already secured the property and you just want to turn your new house into a home. Fortunately, Temple has been in the real estate industry for decades and here are a few tips on how to make your move go smoothly and stress free.

Pack Items you will Need Immediately in Clear Plastic Bins


Everybody who has been through a move has experienced the frustrations of rummaging through boxes to find their remote control or their set of knives. Remedy this problem by placing your essentials in clear boxes so they are easily identifiable.

Pack your glassware in clean clothing to save on bubble wrap



Wrap your wine glass in clean socks and put your breakable dishes in hoodies or sweatshirts to avoid breakage during the move.

Place all of your small parts in sandwich bags.

sandwich bags

After you have taken apart your furniture don’t simply put all of your screws, nuts and washers in a box. This can be frustrating and confusing. Place all of the small parts in a sandwich bag and tape it to the corresponding piece of furniture.

Take Photos of how Your Electronics are Connected

Save yourself the trial and error time of setting up new electronics by having a visual record of your set up.

Keep Your Clothes on their Hangers

Simply use a Glad trash bag to keep your clothes on the hangers for a quick and easy move.

Color Code your Boxes


Hardware stores sell a multitude of colored duct tapes. Create a color coded system for every room of your house.

Movers Are a Good Investment

If you have a lot of fragile, valuable furniture then enlisting the services of a moving company is a good investment. Most moving companies have insurance policies to ensure that your items do not get damaged during your relocation.

Making your last Grocery Trip Two Weeks Prior to Moving

There is nothing worse than throwing out a bunch of food. Avoid this by making your final shopping trip well in advance of your relocation.

Arrange for a Goodwill Pickup

If you are giving away a large amount of clothing, furniture and appliances arrange for Goodwill to come pick up your donations. Be sure to record these donations for tax season!

Be Good to Your Friends

pizza and beer

Most of your friends will help you with your move because let’s be honest; they will probably come knocking when it’s their time to move. Have some respect for your friends’ time by having all of your things boxed up before they arrive. Additionally, pizza and beer go  a long way to keep your friends happy.